Senior Moving Services in Lake Oswego & West Linn, OR

Assisted Senior Moving

Moving seniors requires special attention to detail and a caring hand. At Northwest Grace Moving Company, we’re proud to be considered one of Portland’s most trusted local moving companies for relocating seniors.

Moving can be stressful for all of us, and as we get older it becomes emotionally exhausting and sometimes physically impossible to prepare for this big move. Whether you are downsizing, moving to an assisted living facility, independent care facility, or have decided to move into a family members home for support, Northwest Grace Moving Company can assist you with every aspect of your move. Our staff is professional, hardworking, polite and friendly and goes through extensive screening before being put in the field.

Northwest Grace Moving Company is a pioneer in the delicate art of senior relocation focusing on the often overwhelming and traumatic issues seniors and their families face when moving to and from Portland, Oregon. We’re experienced senior movers who understand one of your goals is to keep your moving costs down. We’re proud to offer better rates than most other Portland senior moving companies.

NW Grace Senior Moving

Portland Senior Movers with Compassion

Whether you are you relocating to a facility in Portland, or moving out of the city into the suburbs, our movers provide service with compassion on every move. We design a solution that is not only cost- effective, but meets your individual needs. Our senior moving services are specifically designed with the person in mind, not just the furniture.

We’ve earned dozens of great testimonials and online reviews over the years for being local movers that protect and care for the furniture and possessions of our customers – and we know how to move gracefully in the rain!

Special Senior Moving Services in Portland, Oregon

Packing & Unpacking with careful labelling.
Crating Antiques and Other Special Items.
Assembly, Disassembly.
Create a Custom Floor Plan.
Measure items to ensure placement.
Rearrange items within home.
Disposal of items through donations or disposal at landfill..
Organizing, Downsizing, and sorting Items.
Placement of items.
Taking Down or Hanging Items.
Working Supervisor on every Move.
Helpful moving tips.

Moving Tips for Portland Seniors

  1. Prepare for moving day – Pack a suitcase as if you were going away for a few days. Be sure to include clothing, toiletries, and medicines you will need. This way you won’t be rummaging through boxes! Oregon can be rainy so be prepared!
  2. Ask for help! – Moving can be stressful emotionally and physically. Go easy on yourself! Ask others to be involved but don’t wait until last minute and take people up on their kind offers.
  3. Make a plan – Begin by asking yourself how much of the moving process you want to actually do yourself. What will you be selling or giving away or putting in storage?
  4. Plan out your space – Know what the size of your new home will be. Use a floor plan to determine what pieces of furniture will fit and where the best locations are for all your furniture.
  5. List what is important – You are likely in a downsizing phase so take time to identify the items you actually need or want to make the move with you. Don’t move things that you don’t need and no longer serve you.
  6. Save your memories – As you sort through your possessions, some are easy to part with, but others have significant personal value. Sometimes it’s the memories and not the possessions that are most valuable.
  7. Letting Go & Giving Away – Finding a place where your things are needed or will have nice value makes letting go much easier.
  8. Start early – Even if you have not determined a moving date, it’s never too early to start downsizing. Take time to work through the papers in your files.
  9. Break moving into smaller tasks – this makes the move more manageable. It took years to accumulate your stuff, so take your time to work through all your things.
  10. Stay in touch – Notify all your important contacts of your change of address. Reach out to your utilities, cable, etc.. with your plans. Let others know the day of your move.