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With a variety of moving options, NW Grace has the service to meet your needs.

 Movers in Mt. Angel, Or

With our relocation services, save time and money!

      No matter how far you have to go, Northwest Grace Moving is here to help you out. As a group, we recognize that moving can be a stressful experience for some people. Every one of our skilled movers is trustworthy, hard-working, and cautious. If you’re looking for reliable movers in the Mt. Angel area, your search is done.

     Because our Mt. Angel, Oregon moving company, has handled over a thousand relocations, we know how to get you from point A to point B with as few headaches as possible. Knowing you have hired dependable movers could help reduce the strain of relocating to a new home.

     We can assist you even if your new home is thousands of miles distant from Mt. Angel, Oregon. Long-distance relocations usually necessitate careful preparation and organization. We guarantee the safe arrival of your belongings at your new residence so you can focus on other parts of the move. We’re Mt. Angel-based long-distance moving company, so you can rely on us whether you’re heading across town or the country.

You can rely on us to relocate senior citizens in Mt. Angel!

     Senior citizens in the Mt. Angel, Oregon, area knows they can rely on us when it comes time to relocate. It can be challenging for everyone involved when an older relative must move in with the family. Our veteran movers are caring, dedicated professionals who will go above and above to help you and your family during this challenging time. Regardless of the challenge, we’ll always be up to it.

     To ensure your complete satisfaction, Northwest Grace Moving is a fully licensed and insured company available around the clock. To ensure that your furniture arrives safely at its new location, we will employ cutting-edge tools and methods. No matter how far you’re moving, our Mt. Angel movers are ready to help. If necessary, our movers can go the extra mile for you. Northwest Grace is prepared to assist you in making a new home whenever you are.


Northwest Grace 5 Star Moving Company

Local Movers in Mt. Angel

     You can rely on us to put you in touch with reliable movers in the Mt. Angel area. Regarding “doing the job correctly,” our Mt. Angel moving company will exceed all of your expectations. When we are in charge of your assets, we treat them with the utmost respect and care. Relocating generally is a hectic and time-consuming procedure. You can count on us to support you no matter what occurs, and we will do everything we can to ease your burdens during this difficult time.

     Let our experienced team of movers take care of the heavy lifting for you. We always triple-check everything for proper wrapping and packaging before we put it on our truck all while putting extra care into loading, so that nothing breaks in transit.

     If you hire our local movers in Mt. Angel, you will see firsthand how seriously we take our work. Ready to face any challenges head-on with optimism and a resolution. Our mission is to provide each customer with unparalleled service during their move. Empathy drives our motivation.

With our help, we can lessen the chances of encountering difficulties during your move:

  • When hiring new employees, Northwest Grace Moving is picky.
  • Our movers are thoroughly trained in the proper methods for disassembling and reassembling various furniture and household items.
  • You won’t have to worry about your walls or valuables getting smashed because they know how to handle powerful equipment properly.
  • Each of our movers have been prepared to give the level of service that ensures we consistently receive 5-star reviews from our customers.
  • When we hire new employees we always consider individuals’ skills, experience, and dependability.
  • Before hiring a moving specialist, we investigate their backgrounds thoroughly.
  • Northwest Grace is licensed and insured for up to $2,000,000. So you don’t have to worry.

        If you want real RATES for a Mt. Angel moving company, and want real PACKING SERVICES. Call us when you’re ready to have a great relocation with our Mt. Angel moving company.  Look over our MOVING TIPS page for some help.


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    Moving to Mt. Angel, Or?

            We’re here to help you settle in well at the foot of Mt. Angel. There are expert movers in the Mt. Angel area who can help you relocate. Here’s a list of your unique experiences at Mt. Angel.

         Mt. Angel, Oregon, is a quiet community in the Willamette Valley. Mt. Angel is a charming, historical village founded in the late 1800s by Swiss and German settlers. The people there are pretty friendly and willing to help you out. Culture and history are celebrated throughout the year with various festivals and activities.

          If you’re in the mood for brats and beer, you should head to the quaint mountain community of Mt. Angel. There are 19 artisanal sausages to try, as well as live music, dancing, games, and refreshing drinks.

         As the cold of winter gradually recedes, and the warmth of spring arrives, you may look forward to both rain and sunshine. Visit the Spring celebration that has been going on for 35 years at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. Nearly 120 different kinds of tulips and daffodils are spread out over 40 acres to create a magnificent and brilliant sea of color. There are lots to see and do in the area. Bring a picnic or buy something from a local vendor. 

         Whether you’ve moved to Mt. Angel to start a business, be closer to family, or take in the area’s breathtaking scenery, we hope you enjoy your experience here as much as we do. If you’re relocating to Mt. Angel from another state, you can rest easy knowing that our long-distance movers have got you covered.

    Long distance Movers in Mt. Angel, Or

         If an opportunity arises outside of Oregon, we will gladly consider it. We are a long-distance moving business ready to assist Mt. Angel residents in their time of need. We know the difficulties associated with a long-distance move and would like to help you through them.

         Northwest Grace Movers has the resources to safely transport your goods from wherever they are currently located in the world to your new residence. We only hire trustworthy experts to staff our moving crews, which must be flexible to succeed.

    Here are a few examples of the long-distance moving services we offer to our Mt. Angel clients:

    • We will provide you with a precise quote after we have visited your place.
    • Experts in moving heavy or oversized items. You have our word that you can keep everything in our truck.
    • Wrap your furnishings in packing paper and pack all of your other possessions in sturdy boxes before you move.
    • We avoid damaging anything in the vehicle by loading it with care and caution.
    • Shipping Items to and from a Warehouse.

         Both homes and companies can take advantage of our long-distance moving services. Business relocation to or from Mt. Angel is a breeze with our help. You can hire expert movers to help you transport your company’s equipment. Regarding your equipment, our moving staff is more than up to the task.

         Our Mt. Angel long-distance movers frequently earn high praise for their careful and sympathetic treatment of elderly customers. You or a loved one can rely on our skilled personnel to make the transition to a new house, nursing home, or assisted living facility as smooth as possible. Professional packing and shipping services are something they are willing to pay for. Clients can come to us from everywhere in the USA, not simply from Mt. Angel, Oregon. We have the authority to handle this matter.

    If you are planning a home or commercial move in the Mt. Angel, Oregon area, our moving company is here to help.

     Senior Movers in Mt. Angel, Or

         It might be challenging to relocate an elderly loved one or close friend. Thus, it is crucial to hire expert movers. We at Northwest Grace will do whatever it takes to help you or a loved one adjust to your new life. We’ve assisted seniors with their moves into and out of nursing homes for the past 12 years. Senior movers in Mt. Angel’s are ready to help and have received special training to meet the needs of the elderly.

         Our movers are experts in caring for the elderly, with years of expertise in the field. If you have any queries or issues, our support staff is here to help.

         We have movers who understand your predicament and are willing to assist you in any way they can. One of our specialties is helping you with moving a family member to a retirement home, nursing home, or another type of care facility. Our moving company is glad to transport your household goods to your new residence and the retirement community where you will eventually settle. Your items are carefully guarded throughout the transport process.

         If you’re planning a move for yourself, an aging relative, or someone who needs particular attention, you must hire a reliable and skilled Mt. Angel moving company. To that end, Northwest Grace is here to help in any manner possible with your move. With years of experience under their belts, the movers on our senior moving crew in Mt. Angel can get the job done swiftly.

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    The Movers were Extremely Careful

    I would recommend this company Highly. The movers are extremely careful with every little item and make sure everything is secure. They work fast and steady. Willing to do whatever you need them to do The three movers we had were amazing, friendly, and fantastic workers. Thank you.

    ~ Marie F.

    ...Wouldn't Use Another Moving Company

    Ian and the boys showed up on time and moved everything quickly, professionally and carefully. They even fixed my moveable bed that previous movers broke from my last move. Highly recommend and wouldn’t use any other moving company. Great job boys!

    ~ Amber E.

    Best Moving Team in Portland

    This team is the best you could possibly hire!! If I could give them six stars I would. They are fast, careful and kind. The most professional crew of young men you could ever imagine. They are not finished until you are satisfied.

    ~ Nancy T.

    I Highly Recommend!

    I cannot say enough good things about NW Grace moving. I have used them for years in my business and also personally. Angie, Matt, and the team are ALWAYS professional and courteous. Just today, they were able to come through for me in an urgent need. They are honest and kind people and it shows in their work.
    I highly recommend!

    ~ Wendy W.

    They Were Awesome!

    This was our first time using a moving company. They were awesome. Professional, efficient, and friendly. I highly recommend!

    ~ Tara S.

    Oregon City to Meridian, Idaho...

    We were so pleased with Northwest Grace when they moved us from Oregon City to Meridian, Idaho. They were professional. They treated us, our possessions, and each other with care and respect. They were careful with the walls as they moved our heavy furniture in and out - even our large upright piano. We highly recommend!

    ~ Michael B.

    Made It All Very Smooth...

    We moved about 3 weeks ago and NW Grace Moving made it all very smooth. They were very friendly and professional. They didn't waste time and moved quickly without sacrificing quality. They made sure all of our stuff was safe and secure. When we arrived, they did a great job of unloading and dropping it off at our new apt. One of them even helped us make our bed which was super helpful! Even though our place is only 800 sq feet, we had 3 movers which I definitely recommend. Would happily use them again!

    ~ Kelly B.

    ...I knew I was in good hands.

    The Northwest Grace Moving team was fantastic!

    We all know how stressful moving can be. They made it as smooth and stress-free as it could possibly be. Hiring movers wasn’t inexpensive, but it was well worth it.

    From my first contact with Angie, I knew I was in good hands.
    1. The communication was excellent - they provided clear instructions and information, and I was encouraged to ask questions. They were quick to respond, and reassured me they could provide what I needed (to wrap, disassemble, and reassemble my furniture).
    2. The guys were professional and experienced. They were methodical, strategic, efficient, and strong. Kudos to Matt, Casey, Hunter, and Andrew!
    I would recommend Northwest Grace moving to anyone in a second! And if I ever have to move again, they’ll be my first call.

    ~ Vivian N.