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With a variety of moving options, NW Grace has the service to meet your needs.

   Movers in Canby, Or

Moving to or from Canby, Or? Do you need a small town, family owned, dependable movers in Canby, Or? Clearly you can count on us to be a professional, reputable mover that has the experience, and knowledge to get it done right. Having your friends come out for a couple pizzas from Dominoes’ to help you move is not always the best option, or headache. By doing some research you can find and hire a Canby Mover that has been in the industry for over a decade, helping locals relocate from one place to the next. For instance, Northwest Grace Moving has been in the business since 2008, with Local moving, Long distance moving and our specialty.. Senior Moving. We have many options for moving in, out of, or around Canby. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a quote request!


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Local Movers in Canby, Or

Finding good, local movers in Canby, Or is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You can find a bunch of companies that say they are a Canby Moving Company, but cant even tell you where the age old Thriftway is. We have the knowledge and experience of moving in Canby, Or. Many new developments have been popping up off of Township rd. in South Canby as well as North Canby off of Territorial rd., it’s no wonder why Portlanders have been pulled to the small Canby suburb.  Rest be assured, our local movers in Canby, Or can load, unload, pack and unpack, all while providing the right supplies and equipment.  Not everyone get’s to have a great moving experience. Here at Northwest Grace Moving, we strive every day to be the best in the industry and show our customers how moving day should be for everyone.

Some info you would like to know about our Local Movers in Canby, or.

Here are just some of our policies and practices we have put in place for your moving experience.

  • All movers have been through a vetting and training process to  make sure your move goes smooth. 
  • Every mover has gone through an extremely thorough background check to make sure you and your family are safe (we do not hire day laborers).
  • (160+ 5 STAR GOOGLE REVIEWS) Real and unpaid reviews.
  • All of your items are important to us, and we treat them that way.
  • We come to your move with the right supplies, equipment, and ready and willing to make it your best move ever.
  • Fully Licensed (Odot #131526) (USDOT #1999959) and Insured up to 1 million for the protection of your home and items.

Looking for the best rates compared to other Canby moving companies? Do you want the best Packing services in Canby ? When your ready to make a safe decision with our local movers in Canby, you can start by calling Angie, discussing your move, and getting on our schedule. Then check out our Moving Tips page to help you get a head start in the process.

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Moving to Canby, Or?

     Canby is a beautiful place to raise children or just get out of the crazy big city of Portland. It has all of the shopping you could ever need. Fred Meyer, Thriftway, Safeway, multiple auto parts stores and a plethora of restaurants and fast food. I was raised in Canby out in the country off of Gribble rd. and Canby-Marquam Hwy. When I was young it felt boring and isolated, now I appreciate the serene living on a quiet farm land. There are so many things to do in Canby, it’s quite amazing.  We loved going fishing at the Molalla River State Park and Canby Pond which is in the Canby (Community) Park. If your trying to cool down from the heat, go swimming in the clean Molalla river which is right next to the Canby Pond. Just a heads up though, Canby Pond is only open for young fisherman (kids only…sorry). Don’t head to Clackamas to go watch a new movie, Canby has it’s very own theater right next to Thriftway off 2nd St. Canby is known for their special events during the summer as well. Every year there is a huge 4th of July party. A super fun parade, multiple hot rods for the car show and a ton of food venders around Wait Park. They have a population of around 18,000 people, so it’s still a small town. If your commuting to Portland, it’s only a 30 min drive without traffic. I’m not surprised why Canby has been growing so much over the years as a small suburb. I definitely recommend moving to Canby if you can.

     If your moving to, from or around Canby, give us a call. We provide residential, commercial and even senior moving. Local moving in Canby or long distance moving in Canby, we do it all! If your moving into a retirement home like Hope Village let us know, we work exclusively with them.

     Moving in Canby can be a stressful job. Let us take care of the heavy lifting, all you have to do is point your finger and tell us what you need done. Our team pays special attention to your needs, so don’t hesitate to tell us what you want. 

Long distance Movers in Canby, Or

 We may be local but we have our license to go nationwide. If you are looking to move from Canby Oregon to another state or from somewhere else to Canby, we can take care of it for you. Our Canby moving company has been doing long distance moves for over 13 years and never plan on stopping. We can help with packing, unpacking, wrapping, unwrapping furniture disassembly and reassembly. You can trust us to transport and protect your belongings, we treat it as our own. On every long distance move we provide exceptional customer service and expertise, with a smile on our face. Call us to set up your next move out of state.

We Provide: 

  • Moving your items from or to Canby from any other state in the U.S.
  • Moving your company anywhere they need to go.
  • Protecting your items with blankets and seran wrap before we start to load our truck.
  • Moving long distance into our out of storage.
  • Honest prices with Flat Rates. (No surprises here!)
  • We use the space in our truck efficiently and carefully to prevent damage and make sure everything gets to the new location safe.
  • Carefully protecting corporate items with proper moving supplies to prevent damage.
  • Direct Transfer – (only your goods are in our truck)
  • We also specialize in helping families move their elderly loved ones into and out of retirement centers and assisted living facilities. 

Our Canby long distance moving company is well equipped and ready to help with your transition to any state. Whether its individuals, families, Seniors or corporate moves, you can count on us to give a 5 star service and deliver! (literally)

 Senior Movers in Canby, Or

If you are getting ready to move your elderly parents or friends into a retirement center or assisted living, please don’t leave the job to anyone. Our Canby senior moving company will give the best service to your special companions. Our older parents and friends deserve the best we can provide for them, they have been through a lot these days. We have specialized in independent and assisted living relocations for over 13 years, you could say we are actually professionals. Our senior movers are carefully chosen in our hiring process to be trained correctly in the facilities to ensure proper procedures are in place and followed. We respect our elderly and want to give them them the help they deserve.

  • Sorting and downsizing before you move to your new home is a great way to start a new chapter in life. (Don’t overwhelm yourself with stuff.)
  • When moving seniors we are patient and understanding so the stress is minimal. We excel in this area and always will.
  • We are very flexible with our seniors because things in life don’t always go as planned.
  • Sometimes these situations can be sensitive, our respect and kindness is top notch in the senior moving industry.
  • If some items don’t fit in the new home, we are happy to move them to another location or dispose of items that are unwanted.
  • We are here to give you the support you need when relocating our seniors into a new living situation.

When it is time to move your elderly parent or friend, let our professional senior movers in Canby be there for you. We are happy to help in any situation and will try our best to make your move the best you have ever had.

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The Movers were Extremely Careful

I would recommend this company Highly. The movers are extremely careful with every little item and make sure everything is secure. They work fast and steady. Willing to do whatever you need them to do The three movers we had were amazing, friendly, and fantastic workers. Thank you.

~ Marie F.

...Wouldn't Use Another Moving Company

Ian and the boys showed up on time and moved everything quickly, professionally and carefully. They even fixed my moveable bed that previous movers broke from my last move. Highly recommend and wouldn’t use any other moving company. Great job boys!

~ Amber E.

Best Moving Team in Portland

This team is the best you could possibly hire!! If I could give them six stars I would. They are fast, careful and kind. The most professional crew of young men you could ever imagine. They are not finished until you are satisfied.

~ Nancy T.

I Highly Recommend!

I cannot say enough good things about NW Grace moving. I have used them for years in my business and also personally. Angie, Matt, and the team are ALWAYS professional and courteous. Just today, they were able to come through for me in an urgent need. They are honest and kind people and it shows in their work.
I highly recommend!

~ Wendy W.

They Were Awesome!

This was our first time using a moving company. They were awesome. Professional, efficient, and friendly. I highly recommend!

~ Tara S.

Oregon City to Meridian, Idaho...

We were so pleased with Northwest Grace when they moved us from Oregon City to Meridian, Idaho. They were professional. They treated us, our possessions, and each other with care and respect. They were careful with the walls as they moved our heavy furniture in and out - even our large upright piano. We highly recommend!

~ Michael B.

Made It All Very Smooth...

We moved about 3 weeks ago and NW Grace Moving made it all very smooth. They were very friendly and professional. They didn't waste time and moved quickly without sacrificing quality. They made sure all of our stuff was safe and secure. When we arrived, they did a great job of unloading and dropping it off at our new apt. One of them even helped us make our bed which was super helpful! Even though our place is only 800 sq feet, we had 3 movers which I definitely recommend. Would happily use them again!

~ Kelly B.

...I knew I was in good hands.

The Northwest Grace Moving team was fantastic!

We all know how stressful moving can be. They made it as smooth and stress-free as it could possibly be. Hiring movers wasn’t inexpensive, but it was well worth it.

From my first contact with Angie, I knew I was in good hands.
1. The communication was excellent - they provided clear instructions and information, and I was encouraged to ask questions. They were quick to respond, and reassured me they could provide what I needed (to wrap, disassemble, and reassemble my furniture).
2. The guys were professional and experienced. They were methodical, strategic, efficient, and strong. Kudos to Matt, Casey, Hunter, and Andrew!
I would recommend Northwest Grace moving to anyone in a second! And if I ever have to move again, they’ll be my first call.

~ Vivian N.