How to pack in the portland Oregon Metro area


How to pack for your Local or Long Distance move in the Portland Oregon metro area.

     Moving in Portland Oregon or any city can be somewhat of a pain. No one enjoys packing up their entire life into boxes and moving it across town or even across the country. It’s time consuming and a hassle, but it must be done. With the right preparation and supplies, you’ll be able to pack everything up as quickly and organized as possible.

     Having supplies to pack in an organized manner is critical to a quick and efficient move for both packing and unpacking. You’ll want to have cardboard boxes of all sizes, permanent markers, packing tape, newsprint, and bubble wrap. You can purchase cardboard boxes, but you can also save and reuse cardboard boxes from deliveries. The rest of the supplies can be purchased from most stores.

     Pack one room at a time. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself. One room at a time will also help you stay organized when unpacking in your new home.

     It’s important to label every box with a permanent marker, indicating what is in the box and where it belongs. For instance dishes should be labeled “Kitchen, Dishes, Fragile,” so you know where it needs to go in your new home, what is in it, and if it’s fragile. This will help you know if it holds essential items and how gentle you need to be with it.

     Heavy items should not be packed in large boxes. If you pack lots of heavy items in a large box, that box will be too heavy to pick up and move. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.

     A sign of a successful move is to arrive with no broken items. The best way to try and prevent breaking is by wrapping fragile items in newsprint, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam. If you have the original packaging for computers, TVs, and other items, you can pack them that way. Make sure fragile items are snugly situated in boxes. When there is room to wiggle and move, there is room to break.

     When packing clothes, you can cheat a little. In dressers, you can pull the drawers out, and move clothes in the drawers. That way you can pop the drawers back into the dresser, and you’ll be done. You can also keep hanging clothes on the hangers, so all you have to do is hang them up when you arrive at the new place.

     Also look at the surroundings for each location. Will there be stairs, elevators, hallways, etc.? It’s important to know what obstacles you will have to maneuver because it will affect how you move and how you pack.

     If moving is truly something you want to avoid, you can always hire a moving company. Northwest Grace Moving is a locally owned and trusted moving company in the Portland, Oregon area with a reputation for excellence. We will be happy to do the moving for you and even the packing. You can relax, knowing your move will be carried out by professionals.

How to pack –

A few tips for moving.

     Finding and moving into your new home is such an exciting time. It can also be an incredibly stressful time because packing up everything you own and moving it into your new place is a challenge for even the most experienced people.

     There isn’t a magic wand, but we can provide you with tips and tricks to make packing easier. 


  1. Create A Checklist – One of the best things you can do for yourself is start early. Make a checklist, which includes a timeline or several. You don’t have to have one that looks like everyone else’s, but if you create a list of all the things you need to do and when to have them done by, you won’t always feel like you’re forgetting something.
  2.  Declutter – As we live our lives, material things start to pile up in our homes. Some of these things you don’t need, don’t use, don’t like, or don’t even want anymore. Use this time to get rid of all these things! The more you get rid of, the less you have to move to your new home. Make sure to donate useful and well taken care of things to local shelters, recycling centers, or Salvation Army.
  3. Moving Boxes – There is cheap cardboard, and there are quality moving boxes. You definitely want to invest in quality moving boxes. They don’t usually cost very much, and they are far more durable and heavy duty. Free boxes from local stores are appealing, but they have already seen some wear and tear. You don’t want your breakables falling out of a flimsy cardboard box onto the sidewalk.
  4. Pack Early – Packing is a hassle, but if you start early and pack for an hour a day, everything will be in boxes sooner than you think. Start in rooms and with things you don’t use as frequently, like bookshelves or storage areas. Make sure to pack like items together and pairs of things together, so you end up losing less things during the move. Take one room at a time, set a timer, and do a little bit every day. You won’t become overwhelmed, and you’ll feel great by the time you’re ready to move.
  5. Pack Light – It’s tempting to stuff as many things in a box as you possibly can. This is fine with light items, but you’re asking for trouble with heavy items. Make sure you can easily lift the box without stressing your muscles, back, or any injuries. You’ll be lifting boxes all day, so make it a little easier on yourself.
  6. Color Code – Colors are visual markers, so give every room a different color when labeling. Then you don’t have to take the time to read, you will instinctively know where things go by the color on the box.
  7. Overnight Bag – The last thing you want to do after a day of moving is have to unpack or search for what you need. Pack an overnight bag with all your toiletries and clothes you’ll need for a day or two!

How to pack – Moving day.

     Moving day is an exciting day! You are finally going to be settling into your new home! There is so much to do and only so much of you. Don’t worry too much, it will all get done. 


  1. To Do List – Having a visual list you can check off of all the things that need to be done from big to small is a great way to keep yourself on track, get everything done, never forget anything. Having a checklist is also a great way for you to feel and see all the great progress you are making during the day. 
  2. Pack A Cooler- Hydration is key to a successful move. Water intake while you’re sweating and moving will keep you healthy and help your mood. Fill a cooler with ice and bottled water or other drinks high in electrolytes. If you don’t want to stop and order food or go pick something up, pack a lunch for everyone and snacks, so you always have something on hand. 
  3. Wake Up in A Good Mood – It’s easier to say than do. Moving day is stressful enough, so do something in the morning to help you get off on the right foot. Take a shower, meditate, do a yoga session. Do something that will help you stay motivated and upbeat all day long. 
  4. Eat a Big Breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially on moving day. You’ll need all the strength and energy you can muster, and food is the key to both of those things. Make time for a bowl of oatmeal or a family breakfast. 
  5. Make Arrangements for Kids or Pets – Moving is stressful for everyone. If you have friends or family in the area who are willing and want to watch your kids and pets, let them! This will keep the stress on them low, and you won’t have to worry about keeping track of everyone and everything.
  6. Cleaning Supplies – Hopefully, you’ve done all the deep cleaning early, but messes arise all the time, or something was forgotten or hidden. If you leave out some cleaning supplies, you won’t have to worry about finding them in boxes or going out and buying some when a mess does arise. Just have a small bag with a few essentials by the door. 
  7. Charge Your Phone – Phones are necessary. You don’t want to have to search for a phone or charging cord during the move, so charge it completely the night before. You’ll have a full phone if you need to call and solve a crisis or have your jams ready to go all day.
  8. Overnight Bag – Don’t forget to pack and move your overnight bag. Put it in the bathroom you will use the night you move in before you put anything anywhere else in the house. You don’t want to lose track of it because then, it defeats the purpose. 
  9. Walk Through – When everything is out, do one last walk through to check.

How to pack – Moving with children.

Moving is a huge transition whether it’s just you, you and a partner, or you and an entire gaggle of children. It takes a lot of effort, planning, and time. Some kids will be excited about the move, and others will be a little grumpy. That’s okay; it’s going to be a challenge. Don’t let the little ones stress you out, we’re here to lend some helpful hints! 


  1. Give Them Jobs – Everyone wants to be involved in the moving process, especially the kiddos. Even the littlest ones can help in some way. Let them pack a box of toys or clothes or other safe items. It will let them feel like they’re involved in the process and being a helpful part of the family. It also prepares them for moves in the future. 
  2. Let Them Decorate – There is only so much they can pack, so let them decorate their boxes. Give them stickers, crayons, or markers to make their boxes their own. It won’t hurt anything. It will keep them busy for quite awhile, and they’ll get to be creative. 
  3. Make Babysitting Plans – You don’t have to, but moving day can be stressful. Keeping track of the kids is just another thing on your to do list. Take advantage of any friends or family offering to watch them. Or hire a babysitter to stay with the kids at the new or old house while you work on the moving. Just make sure they have toys and activities to keep them busy. 
  4. Tell Them – Let your kids know as soon as possible about the move. Whether you have months or weeks, the knowledge will make them feel secure about the transition coming their way. You can tell them where you’re moving. If you can, show them the new home. Explain the moving process. Answer any questions. If you’re doing a local move, take them to places that will be near the house you can go to, like a park or ice cream shop. 
  5. Drive Around – If you’re doing a local or short distance move, take the kids for a drive around their new neighborhood. It will make the house feel less foreign when you move in, and they can have a sense of where they are at. 
  6. Goodbye Party – Even if you’re doing a short move, have a goodbye party for the kids. This allows them to invite their friends over and have one last hurrah in their house before they get a new one. It also allows them to make the emotional separation between themselves and the house. 
  7. Go Bag – Keep a bag full of activities and toys to keep the kids busy on moving day, whether they’re staying with you or friends. They’ll need to be occupied, and it will keep their mind off the big changes. 
  8. Walk Through – When everything is moved out of the old house, let the kids walk through taking whatever time they need to say goodbye. Seeing it empty will also help them adapt to the new house.

How to pack – Moving Seniors

Moving is stressful for everyone. At every age, there are specific challenges when moving no matter your age, but there can be challenges facing seniors you might not even think of. Whether you’re moving to move, downsizing, or going bigger, you can do it comfortably no matter your age!

  1. Plan – Having a plan is always a good idea. Seniors probably have more moving experience, so you’ll know what to expect. Incorporate past challenges into the plan and add things you wished you’d known then. Have a timeline, list all the things needing to be done, list all the numbers you need to call and why, and gather all the materials you will need to move. 
  2. The Sooner the Better – The sooner you start, the easier it will be. Pack a little bit at a time. Start with one room before moving to other rooms. 
  3. Downsizing – If you’re moving into a smaller house, you’re probably going to need to declutter. You can print a layout of your new home’s floor plan and have cut outs of the furniture you currently have. Arrange the furniture in the rooms to see what fits. Keep what fits and donate what doesn’t. Get rid of the things you don’t love, use, need, or want before anything else. It’s easier to part with the unnecessary things first before having to make hard decisions on all the other things. 
  4. Find What’s Important- If you take a moment to list what is important in your life and in your move, you will be able to move more easily. If you can let go of control easily, hire movers to do all the work so you don’t have to! If having photo albums around the house is less important, scan all the photos so there are digital copies and less clutter. If you love t shirts but never wear them, have them made into a memory quilt. Get creative with decluttering and letting go. 
  5. Prepare – It is important to be prepared for moving day no matter what. If you’re hiring people, let them know what your expectations are or if you have any specific requirements. Pack everything you can before moving day. Have a to do list ready to go for moving day and for the movers so they can help you get situated. 
  6. Essentials Bag – Create an essentials bag and fill it with clothes, toiletries, and any medications you will need for a few days during the move. It’s impossible to move and unpack everything in one day, so make it easy on yourself and have a bag filled with the things you need so nothing gets lost in the fray. 
  7. Don’t Do More Than You Can – Everyone has physical limitations. Don’t push yourself to lift or move things you aren’t able to. Your health mentally and physically are more important than lifting a heavy box.  Let the movers take care of that for you.
  8. Ask For Help – Everyone needs help, and there is no shame in asking for help. Invite your friends or family over for a packing party. Ask people to help you make arrangements. Let people make you food while you move. Be open for the help around you to make your transition easier.

The Movers were Extremely Careful

I would recommend this company Highly. The movers are extremely careful with every little item and make sure everything is secure. They work fast and steady. Willing to do whatever you need them to do The three movers we had were amazing, friendly, and fantastic workers. Thank you.

~ Marie F.

...Wouldn't Use Another Moving Company

Ian and the boys showed up on time and moved everything quickly, professionally and carefully. They even fixed my moveable bed that previous movers broke from my last move. Highly recommend and wouldn’t use any other moving company. Great job boys!

~ Amber E.

Best Moving Team in Portland

This team is the best you could possibly hire!! If I could give them six stars I would. They are fast, careful and kind. The most professional crew of young men you could ever imagine. They are not finished until you are satisfied.

~ Nancy T.

I Highly Recommend!

I cannot say enough good things about NW Grace moving. I have used them for years in my business and also personally. Angie, Matt, and the team are ALWAYS professional and courteous. Just today, they were able to come through for me in an urgent need. They are honest and kind people and it shows in their work.
I highly recommend!

~ Wendy W.

They Were Awesome!

This was our first time using a moving company. They were awesome. Professional, efficient, and friendly. I highly recommend!

~ Tara S.

Oregon City to Meridian, Idaho...

We were so pleased with Northwest Grace when they moved us from Oregon City to Meridian, Idaho. They were professional. They treated us, our possessions, and each other with care and respect. They were careful with the walls as they moved our heavy furniture in and out - even our large upright piano. We highly recommend!

~ Michael B.

Made It All Very Smooth...

We moved about 3 weeks ago and NW Grace Moving made it all very smooth. They were very friendly and professional. They didn't waste time and moved quickly without sacrificing quality. They made sure all of our stuff was safe and secure. When we arrived, they did a great job of unloading and dropping it off at our new apt. One of them even helped us make our bed which was super helpful! Even though our place is only 800 sq feet, we had 3 movers which I definitely recommend. Would happily use them again!

~ Kelly B.

...I knew I was in good hands.

The Northwest Grace Moving team was fantastic!

We all know how stressful moving can be. They made it as smooth and stress-free as it could possibly be. Hiring movers wasn’t inexpensive, but it was well worth it.

From my first contact with Angie, I knew I was in good hands.
1. The communication was excellent - they provided clear instructions and information, and I was encouraged to ask questions. They were quick to respond, and reassured me they could provide what I needed (to wrap, disassemble, and reassemble my furniture).
2. The guys were professional and experienced. They were methodical, strategic, efficient, and strong. Kudos to Matt, Casey, Hunter, and Andrew!
I would recommend Northwest Grace moving to anyone in a second! And if I ever have to move again, they’ll be my first call.

~ Vivian N.

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